Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch


Year 6 Transition to John Frost School
All information parents and learners will need to support the transition to John Frost School can be found on this page. Please check regularly to view the most recent news. Please note that if your child is not attending John Frost School your child’s new school will contact you directly with regards to transition arrangements. Many thanks, Year Six Team. 

13/07/20     Pupil Activity (Maths and Drama)
06/07/20     Pupil Activity (Art and PE)
29/06/20     Packs (Given to children on the day they are attending Gaer Primary)
29/06/20     Pupil Activity Food Technology (Lesson)*
22/06/20     Pupil Activity Science (Lesson 1 and Lesson 2)
15/06/20     Pupil Activity Geography (Maps and Introduction Booklet)
05/06/20     Pupil Activities (Timestables For Life and Literacy Silver or Gold)
04/06/20     Year 6 Questions and Answers
02/06/20     John Frost School Inspection Letter
01/06/20     Pupil Activities (School Website and Chartists) One Two Three
22/05/20     Friendship group text send to parents for children to complete.
18/05/20     Ask staff at John Frost School a question.
15/05/20     Meet the staff video
06/05/20     Initial letter to parents regarding transition

As with all baking please ensure you are supervised by an adult at all times.​

Year 2 to 3

At Gaer Primary we are mindful to ensure that Foundation Phase philosophy and pedagogy moves successfully into Key Stage 2. It is hugely important that, at Key Stage 2, our children are allowed similar opportunities to develop their independence through a thematic approach that successfully incorporates enticing provision areas. Our children experience a more formal setting in Year 3, whist continuing to reinforce and develop their skills at an appropriate stage through rich and engaging opportunities in learning zones.

Our 'Moving Up Day' allows the children to meet their new class mates and teacher in preparation for the next academic year. 

Transition is strengthened by cross phase visits, allowing Year 2 and 3 teachers to experience the provision and learning in both phases. A comprehensive dialogue between teachers ensures that individual details of children are sensitively transferred between phases. 

At Gaer Primary we ensure that appropriate data is transferred between phases to allow for a more seamless transition. Data is used in a highly effective way to determine appropriate planning and groupings within classes.

Exciting 'bridging units' of learning have been planned to ensure that the children experience a continuum of learning cross phase. 'Scaredy Squirrel' provides an exciting context for the children to develop literacy skills. Project books are passed from Year 2 to 3, to serve as an excellent starting point in Year 3 for both children and teachers.


Year 6 to 7

Much work takes place in Year 6 to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and independence, including a memorable residential trip to Gilwern Outdoor Activity Centre. SEAL work, (Social and Emotional Learning) continues into Year 6, helping to make children increasingly independent and build on strategies to cope with change.

Transition work begins in Year 5 and continues with incidental trips to John Frost School e.g. to attend music workshops and cluster sports events. During the summer term, some teachers from John Frost School will come to deliver assemblies and lessons with the Year 6 children in their own classroom. The children are invited to spend a full day at John Frost School where they will experience taster lessons and lunch in the school canteen. A series of meetings will then take place between the staff at John Frost, our ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator), the Year 6 teacher and the children, at which any relevant information is shared. The children in Year 6 work in a transition maths book in the summer term which is then continued in Year 7.

Children with additional learning needs undertake additional visits to the new school to familiarise them with the environment. Our children leave us ready and prepared to embark on the next phase of their educational journey.

Further information about the recent John Frost School Inspection can be found here.

Our cluster high school is John Frost School. You can explore the John Frost School website here.