Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch

Hwb / Teams Support

Hwb / Teams Support.

Home learning at Gaer Primary is set via Hwb > Office 365 > Microsoft Teams. If your child has lost or forgotten their Hwb username / password please contact their class teacher who will be able to reissue it to you.

If your child is having problems accessing / handing in their home learning you may find a solution below:

(1) How to Video. This video shows pupils how to access Hwb and Teams, as well as showing them how to ‘hand-in’ their home learning. Click here to view.

(2) The Wrong Account. If you have siblings who use the same device to undertake their home learning then this can cause issues. It is important that after using Hwb / Teams each child logs out of Hwb, Office 365 and Teams. This can be done by clicking on the circle in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It is also recommended that the browser they are using are also closed-down, thus ensuring a complete log off by that user.

(3) The Teams App. The Teams app is proving very popular for pupils using mobile phones / tablets to complete their home learning. It is a free app and can be downloaded from your app store. When prompted, log in the pupils using their Hwb username and password. Please note you may also need to download Microsoft Word (also free of charge) to view / undertake home learning.

(4) Accessing HWB via X-Box.
1. Plug in a keyboard to the X-Box USB slot.
2. Plug in a mouse to the X-Box USB slot.
3. Go to My Games and Apps.
4. Find Microsoft Edge and Select.
5. Type in Hwb.
6. Log into Hwb as you would normally do so.

(5) Accessing HWB via Play Station
1. Identify the Play Station Internet browser icon (WWW with dots)
2. Press the PS4 logo on the controller.
3. Go to the library and select options for Games and Applications.
4. In applications find the Internet Browser.
5. Type in Hwb.
6. Log into Hwb as you would normally do so.

If you are having any other issues please contact a member of staff who will be more than happy to help.