Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch


We continue to work hard on raising the profile and importance of good punctuality and good attendance. In keeping with this ethos, you will receive two whole school attendance updates each year.

This system allows us to identify and celebrate the achievements of the great majority of children who have excellent attendance and work hard to be punctual and prepared for the day.

Letters will be sent according to the colour coding system below. We would of course like all letters to be categorised as ‘Gold’ however, there are clearly circumstances affecting attendance beyond the control of some families. Under these circumstances letters are for information only, but generally if you receive a letter categorised as ’amber’ the situation will be monitored by the headteacher.

If your letter is categorised as ’red’ then you may be required to  attend an appointment with the headteacher to discuss support mechanisms. Under some circumstances, this may involve a follow up or home visit from the Education Welfare Officer to similarly discuss support mechanisms.

Lateness continues to be a problem for some families. The morning routine is an important part of social and academic learning, so children need to be in school on time if they are to be ready and prepared for the challenges of the day. Please make sure you take account of difficulties with traffic and parking before deciding what time to set off in the morning.

Please note- Calculations are made on the basis of a percentage for the year to date. With good attendance, you could see an improvement by the end of the academic year.

Taking your child on holiday in term time may save some money and being consistently late may be convenient to some parents, but there is always a cost. The cost is lost learning and the impact is on achievement and life chances. Please be mindful to book medical appointments outside of school hours if possible. Alternatively, if you bring your child to school and need to collect them later for a medical appointment, your child will still be marked present.

I hope you find this information useful and that you will continue to work with the school and class teachers to  achieve good attendance and ensure that your child maximises the opportunities that Gaer Primary School offers.

Colour  Code

Annual Attendance




No lessons missed



Missing around 10 lessons


Missing around 20 lessons

96% - 97%

Missing around 30-40 lessons



Missing about 2 weeks  of school


Missing three weeks of school. A significant amount of education to lose


Below 92%

Missing more than three weeks of education. A serious loss of learning which is likely to have a detrimental  effect on achievement and prospects.